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Dr. Revital Cohen is a Patent Attorney in the Life Sciences Group at Pearl Cohen’s Tel Aviv office.

Revital’s practice includes drafting patent applications, patent prosecution, writing freedom-to-operate, clearance and invalidity opinions and she specializes in the areas of pharmaceuticals, chemistry (organic, organometallic, computational, and medicinal) and biology.

Prior to joining Pearl Cohen, Revital worked as a scientist at EPIX Pharmaceuticals, Computational Drug Discovery. She also worked as a staff scientist at The Weizmann Institute of Science, Chemical Research Support, Computational Chemistry Unit, and as a postdoctoral fellow in Theoretical Chemistry at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.


  • Israel Patent Office


Weizmann Institute of Science, Ph.D. Computational & Experimental Organometallic Chemistry, 2004

Weizmann Institute of Science, M.S. Organometallic Chemistry, 2000

Tel-Aviv University, B.Sc. Chemistry (summa cum laude), 1997


English & Hebrew


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