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Privacy & Data Protection

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Privacy & Data Protection

Our attorneys leverage their nuanced understanding of new technologies and their experience in Internet and IT law to offer our clients comprehensive legal services for the growing complexities of information and data privacy legislation. Our attorneys regularly advise local and multinational corporations on the intricacies of data protection and privacy laws in various jurisdictions worldwide.
Personal information is a unique asset that clients can leverage to yield long-term business advantages, if the legal nuances it entails are properly and timely addressed. Our practice provides clients with the all-encompassing legal support to manage and protect this personal information, which includes:

  • Legal opinions and guidance on legal risk management on a variety of information privacy and data protection issues pertinent to businesses.
  • Guidance for data handlers on the best practices of collecting, storing and processing personal information in the context of websites, online services and mobile apps.
  • Assistance in the formulation of rules, procedures, guidelines and policies for the prudent management of databases and data processing activities.
  • Advice on negotiating commercial agreements that entail information privacy and data protection issues, including global considerations regarding data processing activities, the use of cloud services, and cross-border flow of information.
  • Counseling clients in the routine but error-prone, mandatory process of registering a database at the Israeli Registrar of Databases (the Israeli privacy regulator operating under the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority - ILITA).
  • Representing and counseling clients through investigative, supervisory and enforcement procedures conducted by the Israeli privacy regulator.
  • Training employees involved in data processing activities on procedures mandated by law, and recommended best practices in the fields of data protection and information privacy.
  • Representation in deliberations on bills in the Israeli Parliament's committees.
  • Litigation and legal representation in court proceedings involving data protection and privacy matters.

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