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Leading clients to effectively develop, manage and monetize their IP assets

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Our Group provides strategic vision, creative support, and professional guidance needed to successfully protect and promote our clients' inventions and ideas.

With over 50 experienced patent attorneys and agents authorized to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), European Patent Office (EPO), UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO), and the Israeli Patent Office (IPO), and relationships with leading intellectual property firms around the globe, Pearl Cohen helps clients obtain patent protection around the world. Our clients routinely rely on our reputation for providing clients with innovative, strategic, and seamless international patent strategies to protect their inventions and commercial products and services. Our clients benefit greatly from the synergy between our related practice areas, such as intellectual property and business law, to acquire, sell, or license patents.

Our patent expertise is augmented by a significant support staff of scientific advisors. Many of our patent attorneys, patent agents and all of our scientific advisors have advanced degrees from the world's top academic institutions, as well as practical, hands-on laboratory knowledge or industrial experience.

Our Patents Group offers complete services that include:

  • Drafting, filing, and prosecution of patent applications.
  • Filing International patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), including filing of Regional and National Phase applications.
  • Analysis of prior art, patents, and patent applications, for both offensive and defensive purposes.
  • Counseling and opinion practice, including preparing legal opinions regarding patentability, infringement, freedom to operate, enforceability of patents and competitive analysis.
  • Oppositions, Reexaminations, inter partes review, and post grant oppositions.
  • Patent portfolio management, development, analysis, augmentation, commercialization, and litigation.
  • Patent licensing and transactional practice for collaborations, private placements, public offerings, mergers and acquisitions.

Related strategic services that we provide include:

  • Counseling and advising inventors, investors, and patentees.
  • Advising clients on funding and structuring their new business ventures based on their IP, as well as, approaching industrial leaders to form partnerships and explore new business opportunities.
  • Aiding manufacturers in the design of non-infringing, competitive products.
  • Advising clients regarding licenses, patent sales, assignments, and other ownership-related issues.
  • Patent-related litigation, including patent enforcement to assert our clients' patent rights against infringers, and patent defense to defend our clients from alleged accusations of infringement and unwarranted harassment.


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