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As the foremost source of international commercial legal services in Israel, with profound and synergetic professional coverage in the U.S. and U.K., our Japan Group actively supports both Japanese and Israeli companies that are expanding their businesses respectively to each of these markets, playing a significant role in helping them obtain their goals and objectives. The group provides significant added value to Japanese and Israeli companies, by utilizing the vast experience the team has obtained through providing legal services in cross-border transactions, setting up local business operations and technology development centers, as well as in resolving legal disputes over the years.

Our team has gained highly valuable experience in various and diverse practices and represents domestic and foreign companies across many industries – Computers & Software, Cyber & Internet, Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals, Medical technology, Semiconductors & Electronics, Automotive, Defense & Aerospace, Agriculture and traditional industries in their dealings with counter parties in Japan, Israel and the U.S.

Our clients include companies at all stages of development, size and type, for which we handle the full gamut of corporate transactions, from initial formation, seed and late stage financing, through development of commercial relationships and expansion abroad, and up to mergers or acquisitions of the assets or securities of such corporations. We further represent some of Japan’s leading corporations, both private and publicly-owned companies, in their activities in Israel, as well as Japanese strategic and VC investors seeking opportunities in the highly-innovative Israeli hi-tech and bio-tech industries.

Pearl Cohen has recently been strengthening its capacity and organizational structure to efficiently provide legal support to Japanese companies, aimed on assisting them to meet the rapidly growing needs associated with their business objectives in the Israeli market. Our Japan Group proudly serves as a bridge for these companies for successfully accessing the Israeli market, ensuring these transactions are based on strong and protective legal framework. The robust connections our Japan Group has established with firms and advisors operating in the junction between Israel and Japan, positions our firm ideally for providing prompt legal services, based on the latest local information, profound understanding of business attitude and mentality of both Japanese and Israeli clients, which very efficiently meets the wide-ranging client needs.

Pearl Cohenは国際的な商業法律サービスでイスラエルをリードする法律事務所です。米国や英国への深い理解と相互性も備えた当事務所の日本デスクは、日本・イスラエルの市場でビジネスを展開する両国企業を積極的にサポートし、その目標達成に大きく貢献してきました。長年にわたる訴訟の解決、国境を越えた取引での法律サービスの提供、地方ビジネスや技術開発センターの設立などの実績に裏付けられた膨大な経験により、両国の企業に大きな付加価値を提供します。




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